Friday, 30 October 2009

Sorry been away for a while.!!!!!

Suzie Blogspot....

Started work today at Turriff Academy... Great day at the academy... 5 days a week now... so excited.. speak soon and update later...

Thursday, 25 December 2008


I have been looking forward to Christmas this year for so long, as my older brother is getting married on Saturday. So I thought that since this was happening so close to Christmas this would make this a Christmas to remember.

I wanted it to be remembered for good reasons, but of course this was not the case in my house this Christmas day. In fact it has been far from happy this year.

Bah! Humbug! Ebenezer Scrooge

Mum and Dad decide to have a massive fall out just before Christmas lunch is served.
Ending in dad moaning in his bedroom for the past 3 hours and the beast still hasn’t came out. All I can hear is him shouting “im nae gan to nae fcuking wedding on Saturday. Its all just going to be a shambles.”

Mum deciding that she doesn’t want her dinner anymore resulting in her to just sleep in the living room for the past 2 hours. Telling dad that he is the worst thing that has ever happened in her life!

My little brother lying in his bed crying hoping that mum and dad don’t split up!
And me sitting on the laptop writing this blog as we speak!!

God whoever said that this is the season to be jolly was far from right this year within my family!
Lets just wait till Saturday see what happens at the wedding.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

How Life Changes

You don’t stay the same forever!!
You will change sometime whether you like it or not!

You wont stay a baby forever…
You wont stay at school forever…
You wont be the same size forever…
You will change whether you like it or not!!

You wont sound the same forever…
You wont feel the same forever…
You wont be the same age forever…
You will change whether you like it or not!!

You will learn new skills…
You will learn how to walk…
You will learn how to talk…
This is because you will change!!

I have a younger brother called M…
His life hasn’t changed so much as mine…
12th May: He was born..
By the age of one he could crawl…
Two: walk and say some words…
Three: feel the difference between different thing, eat by his self…
Four: Started and learnt how to count and write some word…
Five: Started Primary one… New skills, maths, reading…
Six: Primary two… new levels of reading…
Seven: Primary 3... Has learnt lots of new skillls
Eight: Primary 4... Even more skills and things learnt
Nine: Primary 5... Can start to write reasonable length of stories
Ten: Primary 6... Learning to speak French…

His life has changed a great deal since he was born…
His life will change even more in the years to come…
His life will change whether he likes it or not…

As all over the world, every minute of the day peoples lifes change whether they like it or not… For the better and the worse…
But people have no choice in what there life has got to come next…
They have some control over there life for e.g. jobs, money etc…
But this may not always be the case…
But remember round the corner your life will change!!!!

Friday, 17 October 2008

School Holidays


How is it always??
Your on holiday.. You go back to school and then you just get back into the hang of things and your on blooming holiday again…

I really don’t get all the holidays… They make a fuss when not enough people pass…..

Urghhhhhh then why the hell do they schedule so many holidays…

School kids just get into the hang of the holidays then then you have to go back to school… First week back teachers are really annoyed and look as though they need a little time to chill.. Then they fly of the handle at the pupils its not the pupils fault… they don’t schedule all the holidays … Then the pupils get stressed because the teachers are stressed… it’s the fact that they just get settled down into the holidays as well and then bang its time to go back to work… Two, four, six eight… However much weeks there are… Its just beyond a joke!!!

This is how stressed out we all get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It would make life so much easier if there weren’t so much holidays… Holidays are good but you don’t need them all the bloody time…

I know im still at school but I actually would like to learn something and that’s not how to spend a holiday when were off school……..

Don’t get me wrong I do like a holiday but its getting to the point that there are too much of them taking place….

Lets face it if its not a holiday it’s a blooming in service and if its not that the staff decide to go on strike and then winters here SNOW!!!!
Oh no the school is shut yet again…

All this holidays are taking up the time that the pupils need to be in front of a teacher and learn something……

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Chritsmas Time, Mistletoe and Wine

Its that time of year again!!
Christmas in 12 weeks!!

Some people might be getting excited but then again some people may not… it’s the time of year when you find your purse empty… it’s also the time that is meant to bring families together… Its meant to be a happy time in your life…. Exchanging gifts round the coal fire…. Exchanging jokes round the table at dinner time… And exchanging the sentence I’m stuffed…. I wish I never ate all that now… But just remember the turkey might have been saying that aswell but it had no choice of getting stuffed….

Presents always play a big part at this time of year…. So much things to buy for so much people but your not sure what to get them… Will someone else get them the same? Will they like it? What if they hate it? Everyone must ask a question like that at some point when they are shopping….

Christmas Dinner also a big part of Christmas… It takes forever to cook…. But its all finished within a short while… Then takes forever to get over as you normally end up eating too much… Then feeling sorry for yourself later on… STARTER: BROTH…. MAIN: TURKEY, ROAST TATTIES AND TRIMMINGS…. PUDDING: TRIFLE AND CREAM….. So nice but yet so filling.
Decorations are always a good part of Christmas as this is a task for the family.. Everyone can help in this process of Christmas… Its fun and can sometimes be a pain getting them all up the way you want them to be….

LOVE this has to be the best of Christmas as everyone shares the love…..

This year I have the excitement of a wedding as well on the 27th December as my lovely big bro is getting wed… Imagine that two nights of getting drunk so close to each then a week later more drink for new year… This should be a Christmas to remember…
Bring on the Christmas spirit!! :)

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


How do u tell your granny you have 5 tattoos??
Could they be a secret forever?

It all started when I got my first tattoo done…Treble clef on wrist… She was not a happy bunny…”If you were meant to have tattoos you would be born with them…” That’s what lurks at the back of my head every visit I make to her house… So all is well there she knows I have one tattoo…. Theres a start…

First Tattoo.... :)
2nd tattoo….Start on inner arm…. She couldn’t help but see it either as it is on my arm…. “I thought I telt you nae ti get onymare oh that bloody things..” so I reply “Sorry granny I won’t get anymore done that’s me finished…Right she knows I have two tattoos were getting somewhere….

Second Tattoo..... :)

3rd tattoo….. Music on back of neck…. I went nearly 3 weeks with it and she had never noticed it….. “Yes I thought im going to get away with it… I spoke to fast on this…. Mum decided that one night we was up visiting she would pull my top down at the back…. “Fit the hells that, see if its another one of them blooming things” I replied “ No its nae its just a henna thing that stays for a year then comes off” Well as that goes my year is nearly up… oooooooooops..

Third Tattoo..... :)

4th tattoo…. Hindi writing on my side…… Still hasn’t seen it and im hoping it stays that way for a while…. Ill tell her its henna :S

Forth Tattoo.... :)

5th tattoo…. Star on foot….. Same here she has not a clue yet… But she will no doubt see it as I wear pumps and sandals a lot…. But do you think I could pass it ff as a henna aswell.????(i will get a photo of it but not taken one yet)

Saturday, 13 September 2008



For all you students out there!!! :D

Freshers week 2008 is less than 2 weeks away!! :) And boy do the have an absolute blinder of a week lined up!!!

Saturday 13th: THE BIG WARM UP:

Floor 1 and floor 2 from 9pm

Pre-heat oven at 190degrees, douse with alcohol and leave to bake

This is the only way to warm up

Sunday 14th: FRESH MEET

Floor 1 and floor 2 from 9pm

What do you get when you put 1000 Freshers in one room?

Come along and find out!

Freshers Week kicks off in style with the best commercial...

Dance and R n B music..


Floors 1 and floors 2 all day

Cure your hangover with breakfast from the union...

Grab a full breakfast for £2.50

Classic comedy on the screens from 9am


Floors 1 and floors 2 from 9pm

A differnet drink on promo every 15minutes :)

75p vodka £1 a pint

When will your favourite pop up??

Tuesday 16th: TOGA PARTY

Floor 1 and floor 2 from 9pm

Get down to primark!!!

Buy the cheapest sheet!!

Get your toga on!!


Union Terrace gardens 12-5pm

Banter in the gardens all afternoon

70ft assault course

4-a-side football

bouncy castle

sumo wrestling and more


Floor 1 from 9pm

Can you down 8pints milk?

Sink a VK in record time?

We have challenges and games all night long!

Thursday 18th: FRESHERS FAYRE

RGU Sport 12-5pm

Come and grab as many freebies as you can

Bars, business, societies etc will be there fighting for them


Floor 1 and floor 2 from 9pm

Choose your colour and see if you can pull!

Red = Don't even bother!

Amber = Buy me a drink and I might be tempted

Green = Young, single & ready to mingle!

Friday 19th:PES, Wii & PS3!

Floor 2 from Midday

Pro-Evo tournament

Guitar Hero on the big screen

Wii Olympics, Mario Kart & more!



Floor 1 from 9pm

Get your glowsticks out

Prizes for the best dressed ravers

Drinks promos all night long.

Saturday 20th:MOVIE MARATHON

Floor 1 & Floor 2 all day

More classic movies than you could shake a stick at!

From Anchorman to Dirty Dancing and everything inbetween...


Floor 1 from 9pm

Radio 1’s resident indie guru

Vic Galloway, blesses the Union with his presence.

Only the best choons all night long!

Commercial dance & r’n’b on Floor 2 from 9pm.


Floor 1 & Floor 2 all day

Drink your way through your 5-a-day

With our extra special cider promotions

Watch the battle of the giants as Chelsea meet Man Utd

Big screen & 7 plasmas (Kick Off 2pm).


Floor 1 & Floor 2 from 9pm

Finish off your Freshers Week with a BANG!

Only the best chart, cheese, indie & r'n'b all night long.

For all you students out there!!!

Drink a dram

Grap a pint

BOOGEY on down to FRESHERS WEEK!!!!! :)

Shame im not a student yet :(